• Product Warranty

    All Riverstone Pavers are warranted for twelve months against faulty materials or workmanship. All warranty claims must be advised in writing within 5 days of receiving goods. Riverstone’s liability for any claim is limited to an obligation to replace any defective pavers. Riverstone will not accept any claims or liability for consequential losses, which includes relating to the replacement, relaying or delivery of the pavers.

  • Acceptable deviation in product

    Riverstone Pavers are made from high quality, naturally occurring materials and variation in colour and or surface finish may be present from time to time.

    It is the responsibility of the user to inspect the pavers prior to laying. Minor marks and small chipping are not structural and accordingly not considered defects. Any pavers with a variation in excess of: thickness (+/- 3mm), deflection (+/- 2mm) and excessive chipping may be the subject of a warranty claim in accordance with the terms of the preceding paragraph.