• Cleaning

    When the installation is comple, we recommend washing using a diluted acid solution to remove any residual grout smears, cutting residue, preparation marks or efflorescence. Ideally ‘Anti-Eff” manufactured by Klen International should be used. Lightly wet pavers before starting the cleaning process. Use an acid wash 15 parts water to 1 part ‘Anti-Eff’ (Test in an inconspicuous area prior to commencement). Apply dilute acid mix from a plastic watering can fitted with a fine sprinkle nozzle and apply the mixture evenly over the area being cleaned. Do not spread the solution from one area to another as the acid has already reacted where it was first applied and will result in un-cleaned patches. Scrub with a stiff brush or broom appropriate for the job (acid safe) and hose off thoroughly, (never let the surface dry out during the acid washing process). Upon completion, rinse with a dilute detergent and water mix to neutralize the acid.  If the pavers have a hazy appearance or efflorescence is still present, acid wash again.

    Riverstone recommends the use of;

    • ‘Anti-Eff” manufactured by Klen International (before application, Klen recommend you lightly wet down the paver surface)
    • “EffGuard -Restore” by Surface treatment Industries (is solvent free, Eco friendly and biodegradable – apply neat, do not wet pavers before application)

    Always follow the manufacturers instructions and test in an inconspicuous place before use. It is not recommended to use acid at dilutions stronger than 12 parts water to 1 part ‘Anti-Eff’. Ensure pavers are clean and all residue is removed prior to sealing.

  • Sealing

    For best results and longevity of your pavers, we recommend the use of an appropriate sealer.  A quality penetrating sealer should be used. This will preserve the look and help protect your Riverstone pavers for many years. Areas around pools, especially salt-water pools should be sealed with a non-slip quality penetrating sealer. Pavers should be  clean and dry prior to sealing. For further information regarding sealers, please contact Riverstone.

    Choosing a Sealer

    The sealer should be a quality Penetrating Sealer.

    DryTreat make a quality penetrating sealer, called StainProof which does not change the appearance of the paver surface and maintains the natural look of the paver.

    Dupont make a quality penetrating sealer which will enhance the surface colour of the paver.

  • Maintenance

    Maintenance, should be conducted in accordance with the sealer manufacturers recommendations. Sweeping and washing of the paving should be carried out as needed and will help protect and present your Riverstone Pavers in the best possible manner. Removing spills and cleaning the area immediately is the best policy.

  • Efflorescence


    • is a natural occurrence which occurs all around the world 
    • is partly the result of the process of cement Hydration (the curing or setting of cement itself) and incorrect drainage, resulting in the accumulation of sub-surface water, thru poor landscaping design or installation
    • is not a structural defect
    • is fundamentally a cosmetic issue, that can be addressed simply & effectively by proper cleaning and treatment
    • can be easily removed by a wide variety of cost effective professional products