Single-200x200-100x100 Double Triple-200x200-100x100 Quad-200x200-100x100 Miter-LHS-200x200-100x100 Miter-RHS-200x200-100x100
Single Double Triple Quad Mitre L.H.S Mitre R.H.S
Internal-corner External corner Internal-quadrant External-quadrant PROFILE CURVE Profile-any-shape-200x200-100x100
Internal Corner External Corner Internal Quadrant External Quadrant Profile Curve Profile Any Shape


Bullnose and Edging are available in a standard, other sizes  can crafted to suit your requirements.


Are available to suit all products, in all finishes and can be manufactured to suit your individual requirements.

Square Edging

Can be curved or straight edged and is especially suited to textured or honed products as it exposes the aggregate to match the surfaces.

Drop Face Edging

Is available in most stones with an 80mm drop and is especially suited to swimming pools and steps. (Other specification can be ordered to suit your individual requirements).

Curves, Profiles and Quadrants

If you can draw it, chances are we can make it. The radii of internal & external curves and quadrants can be adjusted to suit your individual requirements.